I Hate Windows 8

So, this new “supposedly” improved windows 8 is developed and sell to the market as fast as hot cake but then deteriorates even faster. When I first heard of windows 8, everyone was singing its praises and naturally I got curious. I had to upgrade my laptop and find out just how awesome it is. I was so excited about the big pictures and the perfectly displayed features on start screen. It all looked neat. Until I needed my files and had to make several clicks.I’m never one to remain behind in technology so I tried to work with it anyway. I did just that and from the first time my laptop went on to open to windows 8 to this date I hate windows 8. If you’ve read the above I’m sure you’re wondering why, I’ll give you reasons why I’m totally frustrated with this upgrad

My start menu is no longer visible. I’m used to locating certain files and apps easily by going to the start menu but now have to go through the tiled interface to get the files I need. This takes me a lot of clicks that I don’t normally have time for. And besides there aren’t any new features on the desktop.Nothing special.

windows8crashThere is a long list of disabled features. This is very irritating because now I have limited access to the feature o my own laptop by windows 8. They have added a bunch of other “to me” irrelevant apps and hidden or removed some of the ones I actually need. Clear examples are desktop gadgets; the media center is all dismantled windows sounds, and many others. Tell me how this isn’t annoying. They have robbed me of numerous features that I loved.

Now after a long tiring day, I like to just freshen up and play my favorite games one after the other: until I upgraded to windows 8. I don’t know what’s going with that part of the app but my games just aren’t opening. They aren’t playing, so you see how I hate windows 8. They keep asking to install some support player and its always one or the other.

I absolutely loath the fact that I have to constantly crop my pictures to become smaller so that they can fit my screen window. My head keeps being cut off because the upgraded windows 8 does not fit or match with my laptop. I have tried setting it to small fonts, the smallest font in the system but still nothing. It just keeps cutting my face off. most of the pictures do not fit on my window as screen savers.

As you can see, this window 8 is just nothing but a big disappointment to me. I’m sure there are many of you who share the same sentiment and absolutely hate windows 8. Well I have tried to work with windows 8 and try to make its positive features work for me but it keeps disappointing me. Whenever I need the apps I’m used to that relax me I hit a wall with windows 8. I hate windows 8 for very good reasons and I am not apologizing soon.

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