The Dark Side Of Windows 8 and How It Ruined My Life

It was all glamour, merged with high expectations when Microsoft finally unveiled the much awaited operating system, windows 8. Loaded with supposedly powerful features, it never occurred then that such an incredible operating system could have a terrible dark side to it. And to confirm these worst fears, I’m indeed completely frustrated at how windows 8 ruined my life. And here’s how.

Safety and privacywindows-8-problems

On many occasions, I use my PC to access my bank account. While I used windows 7, never at any particular point did I encounter a security breach. Well, not anymore now ever since I upgraded to windows 8. In fact, I’ve ended up running online scans on the regular to rule out the presence of any keyloggers. Even worse I currently use the on-screen keyboard to access my bank account. And as much as it sounds odd, I feel quite secure and peaceful using the feature.

Still on privacy, if you are not careful while installing the operating system, you may end up allowing many of the windows 8 apps to access your location. And when some of these apps give your location details freely, it becomes easy to be tracked down. Surprisingly enough, I’ve been a victim to this which somewhat messed up my life.

The Media Player

Let’s face it. The systems media player is a complete menace. To begin with, what really befell the default codecs? None of the options featured in the incredible old windows media player are present. And it seems like they could either be done away with or hidden, whatever. What’s even more disgusting is that No DVD support function can be well figured out.

This situation has seen me install third party softwares such as VLC media Player and several video converters in order to play specific video formats and rip DVDs into other formats. But then again, some of these softwares still won’t install on windows 8. Truly unsatisfactory indeed.

No multitasking while running apps

Guess what? When running an app on this platform, it’s completely impossible to have another side app running at the same time. How pathetic! These apps occupy the entire monitor granting you access to only one thing at a time. Now, when I compare this to windows 7, I feel like I waste much of my time and energy I could have used to accomplish several tasks on the go If was on windows 7.

Complicated functionalities

Take the case of search. Attempt doing a search from the desktop and you’ll realize this is not even possible. It’s been squeezed somewhere on the left corner where you have to fumble with your mouse before you find it. And when you have to go back to the control panel or programs, you’ll have to cancel everything, go back to the start screen, which you activate by hitting the windows screen. You realize this is a complete waste of time and energy. Was it that hard to place all these features in an organized manner complete with easy and fast accessibility?

Training costs

In my little organization, I’ve had to train users on how to perfectly use the windows 8 user interface. For non-technical users, the learning was nothing less of trouble after trouble. In the process, I’ve incurred additional costs and during the first few months of use, productivity has been quite low. Honestly, this has frustrated me so largely that at one point I almost crapped in my Australian made men’s underwear. Wouldn’t that have been a shame. This is what I’m talking about; Windows 8 is a real life-ruiner. But I digress.

I could go on and on about how my entire life took a turn for the worst ever since embracing this particular operating system. But even with those few observations, I really hope you’ll learn something and hopefully, never end up with the same story like mine of “how windows 8 ruined my life”.

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